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Soccer Superheroes

On a freshly cut pitch on South Hill, tonight proved to be a fine night for soccer in The Jaw!  In front of a hometown crowd, the Moose Jaw U12 girls competitive soccer team posted their second straight victory of their spring soccer season.   The last time the girls faced these opponents, Moose Jaw was defeated by more than ten… (read more)

Link-Final Project-Wednesday

Yay, my mentoring teacher loved it!  Here’s what he replied:   “It’s got a ton of information that directly connects to our curriculum, so you’re spot on in that area.  As far as the pixilation, there isn’t much you can do—that happens because VT shrinks the file when you upload it.  At the same time, I don’t think that causes any… (read more)

Final Project – Sunday Night

What a busy day!  I started this morning trying to uploading my video into Movie Maker.  However, after following Dean’s suggestions, the program would still not recognize the files from my handy-dandy new Flip camera.  I once again emailed Dean, and as a back-up, I emailed Bill Ferriter, my mentoring teacher, in North Carolina.  Last week during an in-class ECMP355… (read more)

Final Project, Sunday Morning

Yesterday, I filmed, gathered audio, and took pictures from all over Moose Jaw.  My favourite location was the SBOIC, and my favourite guest was Saunder.  I am making this project, What is Habitat? Owls and Urbanization, as a teaching support for Bill Ferriter’s grade 6 science classes.  So when I awoke to rain yesterday, I had to make it work. … (read more)


I was reading Lyndsay‘s post “Exemplary Video” that discuses the use of camera angles and langueage in a short YouTube film, made by the Dove Cooperation.  At the end of her post, Lyndsay links to another video by Dove, addressing inner beauty. I followed her hyperlink, and thought, “Ah, yes, what good messages this company is advocating. Beauty comes from… (read more)

My Final Project: What is Habitat?

Here’s my most pressing issue: my mp3 player records well, however, I’m not certain how to get the audio to overlap the photos (or videos) when I make a Voicethread.  The project storyboard is planned so that some of my ‘threads’ will be “experts” chatting while images scroll by.  Recording of these two components can not happen concurrently (ex: the… (read more)

The Beauty of Belle

The Establishing Shot – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast   An establishing shot at the beginning of a film is a narrative tool to inform viewers of the general mood of the story, its central character(s) and the overall location. It helps the viewer find their cinematic ‘footing’ without confusion as the story unfolds.   Disney’s Beauty and the Beast presents an… (read more)

Because I am a Teacher…

My classmates have been blogging about the challenge of keeping up with the required workload of our ECMP355 course.  Thursday, morning I woke to find a message that one of my assignments that I posted to my blog did not link.  I still cannot get that little project to work.  Friday, feeling unwell, when my Mentor offered the option to… (read more)