i am story

I am a daughter, to Albert and to Lynne. Kindness originating with Dad.

I am an adventurer.

I am a mom to Jessy Lee. Together, we are The #BrownEyedGirls. With her cat Charlie, and partner Harris, she is a Prairie Historian, de-colonizing the Canadian hero-settler myth. I love her poetry anthologies and middle-years mysteries, and every kitten she brings home.

I am a partner to Alan, an itinerant web geek/adventurer, who, like me, enjoys chasing light, sharing ed-tales, and laughing at our own head shaking-banter. We love trees, sarcasm, coffee, and our Uras home. #AlanandCori He is my fit. 

I am an educator. I live alongside resilient high-school youth – and University humans too. I am a learner, a teacher-researcher; I am a fierce advocate for kids. Social Justice is my breath.

Attending to stories of experience is how I understand the world.

I am a storyteller, a narrative inquirer, and, and I am irrationally crazy about kids.

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