5 thoughts on “Cori in 4 pics

  1. Cori I finally made it to your blog! Horray! I love your picture selections. Here are some things that came to mind when I looked at them (I apologize in advance if these things were not your intensions at all with these pictures but at least they are all positive things!)

    – Friends, family, and relationships are important
    – You appreciate one-on-one time
    – Appreciation of elders
    – Making memories
    – Bird feathers
    – Beauty/importance of nature

    Even if these were not what you intended the pictures to mean, isn’t it interesting to see how others interpretate them? 🙂

    – Lyndsay

  2. I love your four pics you definatley have an eye for things that are asthetically pleasing.

  3. In the picture of the road is my daughter, Jessy Lee, and my Dad, Albert. Our dog, Shadow is in the picture, but he is hard to see. I love the look on her face as she looks up at him, listening to what he shares. Albert is our hero. This photo was taken three days after Jessy Lee and I left her father. She didn’t really know all that was to come, she only slightly remembers all that came before, and when I look at her then, I think of how young we both were.

    I think too, about my Dad and how well he listens. He taught me about having a sense of belonging. He taught me that having a sense of belonging is the greatest gift to give a child.
    The idea with these images was to represent myself with four images. Once posted, the images belong to both of us. So how about I offer you the narration as well…

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