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owl street crossing

Yay, my mentoring teacher loved it!  Here’s what he replied: 

 “It’s got a ton of information that directly connects to our curriculum, so you’re spot on in that area. 

As far as the pixilation, there isn’t much you can do—that happens because VT shrinks the file when you upload it.  At the same time, I don’t think that causes any real problems for the kids.  They’re going to be engaged by the owls for sure. 

As far as the length goes, I think the kids might not listen totally carefully through the entire clip, but I think if you use the comment section to highlight some important points from the audio clips, you’ll be fine. 

Remember that as you develop your comments that the best VTs are centered around great questions.  The kids will be motivated by issues of fairness and unfairness—so if you can weave those kinds of questions into your conversation, you’ll get more engagement.  They’ve also been wrestling with whether humans have a responsibility to protect the environment—-even if it interferes with our lives.”

With these suggestions in mind, I reworked my guiding questions.  Tuesday morning I recorded them.  Who knew it would take me 40 minutes to say the word “another.”  My goodness! 

I sent the VoiceThread link off to Bill’s school account, and off to Janet Ng, the Director of SBOIC, so that the kids and the three of us can comment as soon as the students start engaging with the VT.  cori at computer

As well, I’ve included the link, (VT difficulties as of Thrusday a.m. please check new post) and hope others will jump in and offer engaging dialogue to our discussion on habitat and owls (especially all you Moose Jaw folk), once the kids have had a chance to chat a bit.  There are big issues here and I’m excited to open a few doors with the kids, get some discussion going.

The kids will start engaging with the VT on Thursday and, like Bill, I too am looking “forward to seeing where this goes.”

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  1. p.s. Janet Ng is working as a grad student with Dr. Mark Brigham. Mark is the Bat Man. This dude is too cool. I met him at Wings Over Wascana Nature Festival this May. Do a search.. talk with Mark, attend a lecture (pet a bat), check him out. Embrace the bat! Yay, the out-doors! Now, go make a bat house or something.


  2. Wow Cori, it sounds like your final project went awesome! You gave those students a great experience. It makes me think of the possibilities us teachers will have in connecting our students with students and teachers all over the world!

  3. Oh, Kayla I know. I’m so excited about the endless and diverse ‘connections.’ I can feel my teaching and learning move more and more toward ‘tag-along’ every day! Our kids will have so many ‘teachers,’ so many new spaces of potential.

    The project has only begun! I can’t wait for the kids to engage with it, and to see where our learning takes us. I love it when I’m not sure where the learning will go. I feel so much excitement when there is room for me to discover right along with the kids.

    Make sure to stop back to the VT in a few days…

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