My Final Project: What is Habitat?

2008 fall internship, halloween and Zoe 079Here’s my most pressing issue: my mp3 player records well, however, I’m not certain how to get the audio to overlap the photos (or videos) when I make a Voicethread.  The project storyboard is planned so that some of my ‘threads’ will be “experts” chatting while images scroll by.  Recording of these two components can not happen concurrently (ex: the biologist speaking and footage of the infield).  With each ‘thread’ I will provide a guiding question or thought for the students. 

 Is this possible to do all of this in Voicethread and HOW?  Is this possible for CORI to do all of this in Voicethread and for ‘you’ to talk me through? 

(Yes, this is posting in a tiny font.  I have no idea why)

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  1. You’ll have to create separate audio files for each slide.
    Using Audacity, I would import the mp3 and then cut and save each audio file then upload them to the voicethread slide.

  2. Is the process you discribed confusing, Dean? Might I be better off to modify my plan? Have to admit, I’m nervous. I could simply have the experts and myself to chat and the images (and or videos) stand alone, yet…

  3. Ok, here is the plan. The storyboard is done. The plan is to make 6 voicethreads that will make up a mini-unit. In each thread there are three sections. In each section I have audio, video (or pictures), and a guiding question or point to ponder that I will add when production is wrapped up. My title was going to be “What is Habitat?” but this may change. The project is focused on the effects of urbanization on Burrowing Owls. My mentor, Bill Ferriter, has provided me with the Outcomes in his curriculum and that I am using as a goal for this project. I think I can reach these goals.

    The trick will be to keep the kids engaged in the process. 6 threads is a long time. I hope my biologist is brief. Three minutes and kids tune out, need to get up and get moving. Oh, Bill’s kids are in Grade 6. I am interning in a Gr. 6 class in the Fall and will use this project with them as well.

    When I was mapping out the storyboard, it occurred to me that the sequencing of scenes 2-4 may change. And I have yet to find an grandpa-like person for the audio for the opening scene. Lots to do tomorrow. Now I have to go and experiment with my mp3 recorder.

    Have suggestions? Shoot …

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