Two Days Left… and Singing

pic02 11x14I spent the afternoon gathering photos to make a slide show for one of my students who is graduating Wednesday.  While my jump drive and I moved from computer to computer, I asked after another student.  Her teacher shared that she wished her student had a way to share the photos the student had taken on the weekend at a school outing but, the teacher added, “there are only two days left!”  Well… 

Tonight, I emailed the teacher 19 different “tools” to help this young photographer.  I’m not sure if my login and password will allow me to embed/link the student’s little project to the school’s web-site, but I’ll go in early on grad night and give it a whirl.  Oh, and I’m happy to report, after sifting through 341 photos, I have not suffered death by slide show.  Score one for Tech Teacher! 

I feel like there should be singing now.

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