Technological Outage

jl and cori feet and computers 002Last Thursday evening, much of Moose Jaw was without power as the fire department fought a huge fire near Moose Jaw’s downtown.  My daughter and I were at soccer when we saw the flames.  Upon our return, we wanted to veg-out and thaw-out in front of the TV.  Once home, when the power went off a little before nine, we each lit candles, and, at my daughter’s suggestion, powered up our laptops.  My growth-spurt experiencing young carnivore wanted to nuke some cheese for notchoes but was forced to settle for yogurt and an orange, commenting, “Wow Mom, people who had to live without power sure had to do things differently.” 

So the power came back on but Jess and I turned the lights out, left the candles going, took off our headphones, made mint hot chocolate, stayed up really late, snuggled in tight and watched a movie, together.  We tossed what we didn’t need, and kept what we wanted, a little bit of both the past and the present while making the best kind of connections. 

1 thought on “Technological Outage

  1. Cori,
    I really enjoyed reading this post. Its times like these where memories are made. I really liked your closing sentence. It summed everything up so well.

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