Talking TED Talk

Tonight in our on-line breakout rooms, Chelsea H. shared the TED Talk she watched, How to Grow your Own Air. She shared that there are three different kinds of plants that, when added to our environment, significantly clean our air. The man making the presentation, Chelsea shared, works in the cleanest air environment on our planet because of these plants. The speaker stated that if we lived in a bottle with these plants, and then put a cap on our bottle, we could survive.

Interestingly, this TED Talk fell on the heels of other discussion based on environmental degradation. We live in a continually at-risk bottle-like bubble ourselves. The plants make a difference, and they are simply plants, but how useful are they unless, of course, we incorperatie them into our bottle?

The break-out room felt a little odd and rushed. My group members commented likewise. I would have liked to have the timer running so we all could have had a visual on how long we had left for sharing. It turned out we didn’t need to rush, as there was quite a bit of time remaining after we had all spoken quickly. This was our first time in the chat room, and I know that next time I will engage more with my group members, asking more questions, going further into the topic, even if that means I don’t get time to share my topic.

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