From Home: Wondering

I am wondering how experiences shape our collective narrative. I am wondering how sharing experiences shifts our stories. I am wondering if you will wonder along with me. I’ll be wondering aloud for the next few years, join me.









317 km from home

And nowhere near centre

He walks with her

She walks with him

He listens

317 km from home

Nowhere near centre

She is my Brown-eyed Bunny-Rabbit, girl in green, three and a bit

He is my Dad, Albert, story-teller, Grandpa with sage tucked behind his ear

I hear them

I hear her

He listens

I smile. I hear the gravel beneath their feet

I pause

And snap this photo

Someday today will matter

Someday she will ask questions about


Questions that I cannot answer

317 km from home

And no idea of centre

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