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2015 in Reflection

For years I have taken a photograph almost every day. This capturing delves deeper than photographing an object simply because I feel obligated to take a picture. Almost two years ago my dad had a stroke. During those first hours and long months after my daughter, my sister, my mom and I followed the stretcher into the emergency room, I began thinking differently about capturing moments.

Capturing moments has become a significant part of my journey. Curating and sharing has become a significant part of my journey as well. Over the December 2015 winter break, as I began to compile images and videos of the past year, I realized how much the process of capturing moments and of returning to savour them has been a healing space for me.

My previous year in review videos have been different. At times they have been out of duty to document a year. Last year I was so filled with gratitude my video paid homage to those who helped, who stepped in, who listened, and who understood the effects of such change on my family.

My video this year though is for me. It is my year-end visual reflection, my visual year-end take-away.

And oh, I learned so much.   Hope. Love. Family. Change. Strength.





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2013: A Video Story

Toward the end of year I noticed short videos popping up in my Instagram feed. What a great way to share a year in review. I began putting a short video together and then I realized that much of my year was missing.

I went back to my photos from 2013. Though I don’t deliberately take a photo a day, I do take many photos. I try to capture all that makes up my world.

As I began to put the video together I began to reflect on my year. Relationships matter to me. Place matters to me. Time matters to me. I am surprised at how much more courageous the students and I are than we ever imagined. I am in awe at how our courage is connected to place – a physical place and a storying space within – more than we ever dreamed possible.

The following is a video of only photos from 2013; Jessy Lee advised I leave out videos, this year.

Most of the photos are in chronological order. Some of the photos may not make any sense to folks who haven’t lived alongside Jess, our family or my other kids this past year, and that’s okay.

2013 was beautiful.

These are our stories…


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