Piano Stories

“I tell stories not to play on your sympathies but to suggest how stories can control our lives, for there is a part of me that has never been able to move past these stories, a part of me that will be chained to these stories as long as I live,” (King, 2003.) ~ Mid-morning Saturday, a friend sat at… (read more)

Summer in Ten

The girl on the right has been a Rider season ticket holder a year longer than she’s been alive. There’s nothing like the first night game. The chill night settling onto the stadium, the hope the team will pull out the infamous 400 points in the final 3 minutes. It’s Rider football baby! We don’t leave to beat traffic. We… (read more)

The Tale of Hay Loft Grads

I sat down last weekend to try to write a grad speech, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to. Grad speeches are supposed to be about looking ahead and achieving dreams, but I couldn’t do it. I was just too grumpy.    So for you, my lovely grads, welcome, for family and friends, kick off your shoes, tuck up your legs… (read more)