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A Little Like Teaching Kids to Brush Their Teeth…

Well, we did it!  My coop, my grade 8s, the dude on the other end of the BlackBerry and I finally have our classroom blogs up and running!  Apparently, the 6th time is the charm!  Phew!  We have taken 5 full computer periods, used our Prairie South emails to get Google emails, tried edublogs 😦  , tried… well everything it felt like.  We are the first class in our division to use wordpress blogs and I’m very pleased that the space works!

And let me tell you, Mr. Mc and I were frustrated!  And, we’re also very determined!  You knowcomputer teeth when your kids are little and you’re teaching them how to brush their teeth?  Do you remember how you have to remind them 319 times before they remember on their own to brush their teeth? 

So, there we are, this last week and along one row of computers three boys are discovering the joys of ‘the dashboard!’  Their blog background goes from blue to green to some sort of neon rainbow in a matter of seconds.  Then one of them discovers he can change the name of his blog, they then start testing out the silliest blog titles.  But somewhere in there, they also create pages, and make multiple postings, and ask me, “Hey Ms. S.  What’s the name of the novel we started today?”  By the end of the period, they were going around and teaching others the beauty of the dashboard, and according to my Epic Eights, KEWL is most definitely a word! 

 So what would have happened to toddlers teeth if we stopped after 318?   

 Now, to get my hands on a classroom set of ibooks…


No Seperation

The first few weeks of teaching were rough. I made fine connections with the kids, but what would be deemed as ‘my classroom management’ wasn’t happening for me. I was so very confused. I’ve never struggled with management before. I went to my internship seminar and was reminded about how much is expect from me. I shared with my Middle Years peers my fears and they too could not understand me struggling in this area. Heck, my coop was worried. I was worried. Inside I wondered if the dream of teaching and learning alongside kids was possible, ‘Give up, go be a social worker.’ But the internship seminar also reminded me to relax… that weekend I went home and my mom gave me the Keys to the Kingdom.photo shop, no sep

“Cori, you know how to deal with Jessy Lee right?”


“You know how to handle her friends, right?”


“Are you ever hesitant or nervous when you’re parenting?”   I looked sideways at my mom and breathed in very deeply.

That was it.  

I can’t be two different people. The trying to separate has never worked for me. I am just no good at pretending. And the kids picked up on it. I went back the next day and walked into the classroom as cori. The kids and I breathed a sigh of relief and I’ve not looked back. After my first lesson I asked Angus what he thought, he remarked, “You were totally different, ya, ya, I don’t know what you did…”

They are all my kids 🙂 And now, phew, we are happily sharing stories, giving hugs, and laughing together…