coyote chalk

I’ve been blogging since I was a running-full-out, blinders-on, curiosity-driven-in-nineteen-directions, let’s-plan-like-there’s-no-tomorrow undergrad. Then, I had two courses remaining in my B.Ed., both electives. Was it happenstance that made me sign up for these courses, both becoming the courses that would most resonate, most inform my educational journey? These courses most informing me how to best listen to students. One was… (read more)

Musing over Magic

Maybe it’s pure folktale that says we think of our photos during a fire.  But a few weeks ago, they did not cross my mind.  Neither did every single print resource or the rows of books and fully developed unit plans perfectly shelved into subject areas.  Nor did I consider this lovely laptop and it’s digital copies of those resources,… (read more)