coyote chalk

I’ve been blogging since I was a running-full-out, blinders-on, curiosity-driven-in-nineteen-directions, let’s-plan-like-there’s-no-tomorrow undergrad. Then, I had two courses remaining in my B.Ed., both electives. Was it happenstance that made me sign up for these courses, both becoming the courses that would most resonate, most inform my educational journey? These courses most informing me how to best listen to students. One was… (read more)

The Changes to Come

Written January 1, 2011 ~ I’m at a New Years Eve party. It’s a little past midnight, which means it is now 2011. All I can do is think about that for which I am truly thankful. Thoughts of gratitude are common this time of year, but for me, right now, I’m thinking about my students, all of them; it’s… (read more)