coyote chalk

I’ve been blogging since I was a running-full-out, blinders-on, curiosity-driven-in-nineteen-directions, let’s-plan-like-there’s-no-tomorrow undergrad. Then, I had two courses remaining in my B.Ed., both electives. Was it happenstance that made me sign up for these courses, both becoming the courses that would most resonate, most inform my educational journey? These courses most informing me how to best listen to students. One was… (read more)

For My Kids

I met a wonderful teacher Thursday at the SELU meeting. When the morning group broke off into three focus groups, the teacher group began by sharing stories. Not ten minutes into the guided discussion, one of the teachers from the south, an ELA teacher, leaned over and mouthed, “We need to talk!” And later we did. Together, we made our… (read more)

The Terror of Publish

I’m surrounded by people who love to blog. Ok. I’m surrounded by people who blog effortlessly. I have trouble relating to the skill of effortless blogging. However, I do love to journal. Yup, paper and pen, every, every night since I was twelve. Yup, turning twelve, now that was a big year – new school, three inches, two cup sizes,… (read more)