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Stories Remain

Yesterday, I found myself crying sitting in my car by the side of the road. I had just read a letter from one of last years’ graduates. I hadn’t known what to expect from Cat’s letter. As a student, Cat ‘bought into’ school in Cat’s own way. Though involved in school and in extra-curricular school activities, Cat wasn’t always center… (read more)

From Home: Wondering

I am wondering how experiences shape our collective narrative. I am wondering how sharing experiences shifts our stories. I am wondering if you will wonder along with me. I’ll be wondering aloud for the next few years, join me.                 317 km from home And nowhere near centre He walks with her She… (read more)

Time To Listen

I am an educator. Though I am careful about the details of the stories I share, I share my truth. I share my story. Why? Because I ask the same of my kids. Because sometimes the kids in my world need me to share first. And sometimes, I need them to lead. Last week, one of my grade ten students… (read more)

The Importance of Sharing Our Stories

Our stories have great value. I believe if I connect only as voyeur in someone’s life, it is really my stories I fail to hear. Connecting with kids not only changes their lives, it changes mine. ~ December 20, 2011 – The views to my blog soared. That day my blog received its second highest total number of views since… (read more)

The Hidden Pitch

Last night I asked my daughter, Jessy, for a topic to blog about. “Write about that Montreal player. And all the other players who took a knee when he was injured.” “I’m not writing about that!” ~ Tonight I was sitting in my car enjoying the cool evening breeze coming in from the moon roof. I was sorta watching soccer… (read more)

The Tale of Hay Loft Grads

I sat down last weekend to try to write a grad speech, but I couldn’t. I didn’t want to. Grad speeches are supposed to be about looking ahead and achieving dreams, but I couldn’t do it. I was just too grumpy.    So for you, my lovely grads, welcome, for family and friends, kick off your shoes, tuck up your legs… (read more)