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Showing Up

There are three Graduation Coaches in our division. We are fiercely deliberate about collaborating on our common course.

We are heading into a unit on Resiliency. The concept is big. We are pulling in families, planning alongside parents, cousins, and grandparents. But first, we are having some needed conversations about Showing Up.

Tonight we three Grad Coaches drafted three personal statements in preparation for helping students co-construct a common definition of Showing Up. Our statements serve as ways to enter into coming to understand where and how and why and when we Show Up to our lives.

Tomorrow we begin conversations. A life-making idea.

Ms. Saas’s Thoughts on Showing Up: To me showing up means feeling my feelings, attending to my own truths (my stories of experience). I have come to understand that speaking my truths is an action that goes beyond words. My showing up truths are listening when my body, mind, spirit, and heart yells, speaks, or whistles to me to pause. These are situations like: Hey Cori, are you uncomfortable? Hey, Cori, are you valued? Hey, Cori, have you done all you can? Do you remember you can only change yourself? And, are you taking care of yourself, first? When I am listening authentically and mindfully to myself the pull to step into a cycle of drama, into harm, or unsafe situations almost disappear. Showing up is asking myself tough questions: Cori, is what you are doing something you would do publicly? Something you would be happy sharing with your dad, your daughter, or your husband? Showing up means I say no, happily, to going places or being around people who conflict with my moral and ethical code. Showing up means not apologizing for my boundaries (the ones that are safe and bring joy to my world). Showing up means I know my boundaries and those I love know them too. Showing up means I seek meaningful relationships where advice is not part of the deal. Showing up means I check in with a mentor weekly, listening deeply to our hard and often difficult conversations. Showing up means I take time daily to reconnect to the people and places where I am rooted. This includes myself. Showing up means practicing gratitude, risking love, honouring trust, and speaking hope.

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