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Light & 2018 Photo Story

As many know I have been diligent about capturing a photo a day for a long while. However, five years ago with dad’s stroke my practice shifted. What once had been a project, became personal. A way of being in the world.

Photography became a way for me to calm the universe, to slow time, and to attend to my heart.

Seeing becoming knowing.

The documenting of images has always been a way of healing, or a part of healing, for me.

A few years ago, welcoming the new year atop a prairie hillside at dawn, I made the commitment to experience every new day, every sunset for a year. I missed only a few.

My year of light.

A video of my images was no longer needed. …

And then 2018 happened.

This past January, I viewed Alan’s lovely, speedy photo-a-day video and had a sense that the light had seeped in.

“Cori, leave it long. It’s for you. For us.”

And he’s right.

My Year in Review photo-story, 70 minutes. 2018. ~A year of finding light.

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