What?  What’s needed beyond that? …  I am one of the Brown-Eyed-Girls; mom to Jessy Lee, an independent third year university student, an aggressive soccer forward, a witty stage performer, a voracious reader, and brilliant young published author; I call her  J-Bird, but I sure don’t call her that when she’s dribbling up the pitch – insert crinkled forehead and the look, “Mother!” 

At 16 I was crowned champ of the Great Easter Egg hunt, and really is there aend block and GEEH 09 131ny greater achievement than finding 506 eggs hidden over 1 sq. km in just over an hour?  Ah, how I love to #GrandAdventure!  As well, I love blue raspberry slushies, know how to put frogs to sleep, dissect owl pellets, sit for days in silence, weave grand tales, make stunning self portraits with bubble gum, and to laugh – I am a learner, a high school educator (forever middle years being) with an Our Kids! attitude, and I am a fierce advocate for families and kids.

I believe sharing our stories of experience and attending to our stories can change our world. Stories are the magic.

What’s your story?


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