Month: November 2010

In the Process

Ok.  I’m on draft #4 of the coolest blog.  But I can’t publish ’cause I’m wrapped up in my own excitement, and now the blog looks more like swirls of wire than what it is, an AHa moment.  Where is the message?  I’ve emailed my draft to my mother, for goodness sake.  And she sent it back with footnotes.  Arg.  So, tomorrow, I’m taking draft #4 to the experts, into ELA 20, and we’re going to get the message out of draft #4, out of my work, out of my AHa moment, if it kills us all. 

*Someone let my admin know if no one makes it out alive for dairy week activities and tell my daughter I love her.

Stay tuned.


The Terror of Publish

I’m surrounded by people who love to blog. Ok. I’m surrounded by people who blog effortlessly. I have trouble relating to the skill of effortless blogging. However, I do love to journal. Yup, paper and pen, every, every night since I was twelve. Yup, turning twelve, now that was a big yearnew school, three inches, two cup sizes, the Dragonlance book series. I had loads I needed to share. So, I wrote. And I still write. I write and write and write. But writing here… writing here, for instant publication is horrifying.

I am a mom, and I am daughter. I am a senior ELA, Arts Ed, History and Outdoor Ed educator. I am a ten-year old kid, held back a grade, and I am a University grad with great distinction. I am an adult learning with a learning disability, and oh, I am most often too terrified to push “publish” without a peer edit. Truth? I rarely push publish without an edit of my work. 

Today is time for push.

Why now? 

I love writing. I love sharing. 

A month ago, I was on my way to a PD event. After eight hours in a mini-van with three passionate educator-strangers and too much coffee, reflection was a certainty. I mused how effortlessly my daughter blogs, “Mom, fifteen more minutes, I just have to post.” I mused how I wished I could model that same kind of effortless on-line connecting for my students and mourned how absent I’d become from the on-line world.

I’ve been tweeting about where I was when I began my blogging journey, sure transparency could not happen in the digital world.  

Why push now?

Well, I love writing. I love sharing. But most importantly, I love learning. Time to move into that tricky transparency and…